Race Day: 09 October 2022

The Royal Parks

The Royal Parks is the charity that supports the magic of London’s eight Royal Parks now and for the future.

We look after 5,000 acres of precious green space in the heart of our capital city, while keeping them free and accessible for everyone to enjoy.

They are home to rare species, listed monuments and protected landscapes where nature and people connect.
Can you imagine London without them?


Why we’re needed

It costs more than £40 million a year to keep the Royal Parks safe and clean, in beautiful condition and bursting with life all year round. That’s no small task.

We work hard to protect, support and enhance these amazing spaces by raising funds for wildlife and habitat conservation, heritage restoration and vital wellbeing initiatives.

Our Learning Programmes inspire all generations with the beauty and fragility of the natural world, helping them reconnect, understand and care for these unique/historic urban landscapes. With your support, we can make the Royal Parks a source of relevance, respite and wonder for even more people.

To find out more about our work visit our website: www.royalparks.org.uk

Registered charity no 1172042