Race Day: 10 October 2021

Reducing plastic throughout the Royal Parks Half Marathon

11 September 2018

Sustainability has been at the core of the Royal Parks Half Marathon since its inception in 2008. Each year, we work to advance our green agenda and reduce the impact of the race on the environment.

We are proud to announce our commitment to go plastic free on the course by 2020. This year we will take the first steps towards fulfilling this commitment by introducing two water stations with compostable cups and reducing the size of plastic water bottles from 330ml to 250ml. Runners will also receive a 500ml carton of water at the end of the race instead of the plastic bottle. We are also removing all isotonic from the course and encouraging runners to bring their preferred sports nutrition of choice with them on race day.

One of our motivations for making this decision was the fact that most plastic bottles were being thrown away at least half full. We realized there was an opportunity to still fulfil our duty of care to runners while reducing the waste generated during the race.

Through these changes, we are eliminating 100,000 plastic bottles from the course and festival area.

We realize our ability to reach our sustainable goals will require the support and commitment of our runners and we hope you will join us in working to reduce the impact of mass participation events.

To learn more about the sustainability efforts of the Royal Parks Half, visit https://royalparkshalf.com/sustainability/.