Final half marathon preparation tips from TruBe

04 October 2017

As the excitement builds for race day are you looking for final half marathon preparation tips?

David Brough, a personal trainer from TruBe is on hand to provide you with advice on how to recover from your final training runs.

Check out the video below to boost your chances of being fully recovered in time for race day!


To go with the useful hints in the video, here are some notes from David on useful stretches that will further enhance your chances of being in tip-top shape for Sunday 8 October!

Hamstring Stretch

From a seated position with your legs apart, pull your right foot in towards your hips and reach down towards the extended left leg. Ensure your chest is pointed towards your toe, lean your body forward until you feel the stretch across the back on the thigh. Stretch for fifteen to thirty seconds and then repeat on the other leg.

Pigeon Stretch

From a high plank position on your hands, pull the right knee forwards and place it between your hands with the lower leg crossing the body. Lift the extended left leg and slide it backwards, lowering the torso onto the right leg and feeling the stretch across your glutes and hips. Stretch for fifteen to thirty seconds before repeating on the other leg.

Hip opener

From a kneeling position, place one foot on ground a strides width from your body. Gently ease the torso forwards into the stretch until you feel it across the top of the thigh. As an option, raise the opposite arm to the thigh that's being stretched and lean laterally (sideways) across the body to further stretch the back and the hip. Hold the stretch for fifteen to thirty seconds.  Please note if you experience knee pain whilst doing this you can support it by placing a towel/rolled up mat underneath the knee. 

Calf stretch

Find a wall, place the hands at chest height and extended one leg back. Keep the leg straight as you bend the front leg to lean in towards the wall.

We can’t wait to welcome you to Hyde Park this Sunday!


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