Race Day: 09 October 2022


Can I attach banners to the railings?

No, please do not attach any banners or signs to railings.

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My friends and family are coming along to support me. Are there any recommended viewing points?

Yes, there will be many places to stand along the route. The Royal Parks Half Marathon is one of the most scenic city runs in the world, with a beautiful 13.1 mile autumnal route through four of London’s magnificent Royal Parks and past some of the capital’s most iconic landmarks. Cheering points will be marked on the Route map that will be available on the website closer to race day. We know that cheering crowds along the route is very motivating for runners so do encourage your family, friends and colleagues to come and support you.

If you are running for charity check if they have a specific cheering point location - charities will often get together to make a big impact, and may have noisemakers and so on for you to use.

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Can spectators cross the course easily?

Spectators will be able to cross the course where there are not railings. Please look for the marshals as they will assist you crossing the course so not to inhibit any runners.

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