Race Day: 09 October 2022


Will there be water / fuel on the route?

In an effort to dramatically reduce the impact of our race on the environment, this year we are removing all water and fuel stations from the route. Instead, we’re asking our runners to be fully self-sufficient with their hydration and fuelling needs. This means carrying enough water with you to complete your half marathon. There will be water refill points located along the route, but these may be busy and you may need to queue.

Where are the water re-fill points located on the route?

The water refill points will be located at approx. mile 4.5, 9 and 12. These refill points will be visible from the route and here you will be able to fill up any bottles or water-carrying devices that you have.

What are my options for staying hydrated as I run?

There are so many ways in which you can plan to stay hydrated as you run. Consider using a:

  • Water bottle
  • Water belt
  • Hydration pack
  • Race vest

 ...or if you've got friends and family coming to meet you on race day, why not give them some water and plan to meet them on the route? Get creative and remember to practice during your training so that come race day you're set and ready to go.

Will there be water at the start / finish?

Yes! There will be 4 water refill points in the start village and 4 water refill points in the finish village. You will also be provided with a can of water as you cross the finish line.

Will the water refill points be touch free?

Yes, the water refill points will be managed touch free and there will be a system in place to manage the flow in a controlled way. We will have volunteers working at each water refill point and they will be there to refill your water container for you.