Race Day: 11 October 2020


When will the 2019 ballot open?

The 2019 ballot was open from Tuesday 29 January to 6 February. If you did not secure a place through the ballot, you can consider running for a charity, forming a corporate team, or using an international tour company

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Does paying upfront in the ballot guarantee me a place in the race?

Paying upfront does not guarantee you a place in the race. The benefit of paying upfront is that if you do not receive a race place through the 1st ballot draw, you will then be entered in to the "second chance" draw for any unallocated places.

If you are then unsuccessful in the "second chance" draw, your entry fee becomes a donation to the The Royal Parks. You will receive a Royal Parks Hoodie to say thank you for your donation.

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If I did not get a place in the ballot, can I still take part?

Yes you can! If you're not fortunate enough to secure a public race place, you can definitely still run by contacting one of our many charity partners or by entering as a corporate team.

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What are my chances of getting a place in the ballot?

In 2018, you had a 1 in 8 chance of securing a place in the first public ballot.