Race Day: 11 April 2021


How long do I have to record my run?

Training Mode will be available from 1st - 9th April at 11:59pm BST. Utilise this time to get a feel for the app, where you can track as many runs as you wish. 

Whilst the race officially starts at 09:00am GMT, you can complete your Half Marathon anytime on Sunday 11 April 2021. Race Mode will be available from 00:01am BST until 11:59pm BST.

Please note, the app will be in Transition Mode from 11:59pm BST on Friday, 9th April to 00:01am BST on Sunday 11th April. During this time you can view the feed and chat with your team mates, but won't be able to track activity.

What is Race Mode?

Race Mode is only available on race day, Sunday 11 April 2021. Race Mode will help bring you closer to the sights and sounds of race day. You can track your race using the built in app tracker to access exclusive content throughout the event. Complete your race, submit your time to the event leader boards and share your success and comments with other runners via the event feed.

How do the teams work?

Runners who are part of our Charity or Corporate teams have been preallocated to a team and will be able to view this on the app. Interact with team members via the team feed and help your team top the training leader board by tracking your training miles.

If you're a ballot runner raising funds for one of our Charity partners, you can join the charity team once you've redeemed your access code by selecting the team from the drop down list. 

If you would like to remove yourself from your team, you can do this by selecting 'leave team' in the team settings.

Do I need to take my phone with me on my run/walk during the event?

For the app to track your run distance, you will need to take your phone with you. 

Open the app and press "Start" when you you are ready to begin your activity. The phone can be locked and put in your pocket during the run, but you must ensure your location settings for the app are ON and set to "always allow." When you have reached your selected distance, your activity will automatically end.

For the best user experience, keep the app open during your run so you can see some hidden surprises along the way!

If you have a GPS wearable device you can use this to track your run, rather than take your phone with you. Link this up to your app to submit your time. Details of how to link this can be found in the question below.

Can I track my run using my wearable device?

Yes, you can track your run using a wearable device. However, we encourage you to use the built in app tracking to get the full Royal Parks Half digital experience. 

If you do wish to use a wearable device, you can do this by connecting your Fitbit, Garmin or Apple Watch
 device to the app. Please note, your device must have GPS functionailty to record your race and sync to the app. 

To sync your device:
1. Go to the MORE tab and select LINK WEARABLES
2. Select the provider that matches the device you have
3. Login to your existing wearable account
4. Once connected your wearable account will automatically sync with the app
5. Complete your training run or race, tracking with your wearable device
6. To submit your time to the event, open the app and go to the feed. Select YOU to see your activities and click SUBMIT AS YOUR OFFICIAL EVENT ACTIVITY
7. Check the leader board to see where you rank. Filter via EVENT, GENDER or AGE CATEGORY

Please note, you must sync your device before completing your activity for the app to register your result. You cannot retrospectively submit wearable-recorded activity on the app.  

If you wish to use an alternative GPS wearable device to those listed above, please contact us via info@royalparkshalf.com for more information on how to submit your results.

I need to unlink my Apple Health account. How can I do this?

Please uninstall and reinstall the app. This will automatically disconnect the app from Apple Health. You can then log back in using the same login method.